Thompson Chain Reference Bible Workshop

March 6th, 2018

Have you been looking for a way to enhance your personal Bible study? Do you desire to get more when you read God's Word? The Thompson Chain Reference Bible is an excellent tool to bring His truth to life.

You will need a copy of the Thompson Chain Reference Bible. You can bring one of your own, or use one provided, or there will be brand new leather NIV copies available for purchase at $50.00. There is no cost for the workshop.

The Thompson workshop is about the effective study of God's Word using the Thompson Chain Reference Study Bible. The Thompson Bible has been used worldwide for more than 100 years. This four-hour training is part of an extended training (2 ½ days) for pastors and church leaders called the "Thompson Bible International Institute." Since its inception TBII has provided training for over 130,000 pastors and church leaders in Latin America, the Philippines, India, and Africa.

The Thompson Bible uses a study system that brings understanding of God's Word by leading you through a chain of key scripture references that relate to the subject that you are studying. You will find that the Thompson Bible gives you study helps for over 4200 topics spoken of in the Bible, as well as over 600 pages of additional reference material to aid your study.

In this workshop, you will learn how to use the Thompson Bible for your own personal in-depth study of the Scriptures by making use of the many helps found in this time-tested study Bible. You will also learn basic Bible study methods that will lead you into a richer understanding of God's Word.

God's Word is sufficient to answer all of life's questions. The challenge comes when we go looking for those answers. The tools provided in this workshop will assist you as you seek to learn what the Lord says through His word.

Chuck Ballard of McKinney, TX will be teaching the workshop. Chuck is the founder and president of African Pastoral Training Ministries ( With the Thompson Bible International Institute, he has personally trained over 4,000 pastors and church leaders in Africa. Now this training is available in a "mini-workshop" here in the U.S. to help improve your Bible study skills.

Make study of God's Word a priority and join us in this workshop.